Wood Work

Carpentry skills are being transfered to the Oramg Asli villagers. These skills will eventually allow the villagers to improve their self sufficiency and standard of living.

Training classes are held at Tapah and Ranau where trainers use their personal woodwork equipment to share their expertise during the training classes.

Kerwin Chong is one of the trainers who has devoted his personal time and equipment to share his expertise with the villagers.

Kerwin, who has been a carpentry enthusiast for over 10 years, runs UrbanWoods as his profession.

Read more about Kerwin in an article from The Star here.

His carpentry skills have enabled him to turn junk into works of art

The villagers are taught skills that have enabled them to produce useful wood based products like Decorative Dishes, Mats, Tabletop Utility Boxes and others.

Some examples can be seen here.

We are in need of Power Tools Equipment so that the villagers can begin their production. If you are able to help or have the skills and time , please do contact us.


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