Some people might find it a bit difficult to sacrifice some of their free time for our folks who stay in remote villages. The journey to the villages is often not comfortable and if you visit the village in Ranau, Sabah from the Peninsula Malaysia you will need to catch a flight across the South China Sea.

When you arrive near the village, you might need to catch a river boat ….

And then jungle trekking skills might be required!

And maybe you find mud everywhere …..

When you arrive, a lot of conveniences might not be available.

Food might be basic …..

But a lot of us have found happiness in these remote areas.

We feel blessed to be given the opportunity to share in the uncomplicated lifestyle and culture.

Sitting by the tranquil river and breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the atmosphere.

And taking in the sights which have immeasurable value ….

So Join Us in our next trip!



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