About Us


Pertubuhan Komuniti Elite is a registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) formed to empower the Orang Asli in Malaysia.

We provide education opportunities to the Orang Asli by conducting periodic classes at their villagers.

Skills transfer is an important part of our endeavors. We have trained the Orang Asli on sewing, on farming husbandry for increased productivity and on wood works.

We fly to where the need is and have adopted a village near Ranau in Sabah.

Their most pressing need was a bridge. The bridge was broken down and very unsafe, preventing the villagers from transporting goods to the markets. Worse, the children had to traverse the bridge daily in order to reach their school.


We managed to get enough donations, and to surmount the tremendous challenges of building a bridge in a isolated area far from roads.

You can read more about the bridge here.

At Tapah, Perak, we have adopted another few Orang Asli villages.

With the purchase and delivery of a few goats, the villagers have a new source of protein in the form of goats’ milk and begin to learn about animal husbandry.

We have also started to skill transfer wood working knowledge. The carpentry knowledge will allow villagers to produce doors, small wood products and decorative items.

Voila, a door!


But it is not all work ….