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Orang Asli Bridge of Hope … It all started when the Elite Komuniti Team came upon an isolated Orang Asli Village. It was located in an isolated area near Ranau, Sabah.

Children from this village traveled for over 1 hour to reach the nearest school and took the same time to come back each schooling day. They faced a perilous journey each day as the track to school was treacherous and required the kids to travel across challenging terrain. But worse of all, they faced a dangerous rickety old bridge which they had to cross everyday to get across a river.


This was the main impediment to education and hence preventing a higher standard of living for the occupants of the Orang Asli Village. It also prevented easy flow of commerce between the village and the outside world. The villagers faced great danger in transporting goods that could be traded for goods or money.

So what did the Elite Komuniti Team say?

“We will build them a new bridge!”

The Team, who then had little engineering knowledge to build a bridge, knew little of the challenges that would face them then.

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