Goats! A New Family is starting

It’s a …… Kid!

Yes, Hannah has provided the first kid as our new born to our growing herd at the Tapah location.

We hope to start a sustainable herd of goats with this new addition to our goat family.


Besides Hannah and her new kid, we have added additional goats to build a herd at Tapah. Our villagers there can begin to learn about animal husbandry.

Over time, this herd will grow and provide sustainable economic development to the villagers.

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Chicken Coop

14th October 2018

A group of Rotaractors from the Rotaract Club of Petaling Jaya drove more than 125 km to Tapah, Perak to help construct a Chicken Coop for our Orang Asli villagers. The University Students took time off from their busy schedules to lend their helping hands to a deserving cause.

The Chicken Coop is designed to house 100 chickens, and provide for the protein needs for the villagers. The eggs will be harvested daily and help augment the diet and improve the standard of living of the villagers.

The coop was built from 451 bricks and divided into bags weighing nearly 20 kg each. The Rotaractors had to manually carry these bags of bricks from their vehicles, up a steep hill, along a jungle path, before reaching their final destination.



Of course the new mother, Hannah the Goat, was watching over the activities ….






The money to buy the bricks came from a recent event to raise funds which featured Harith Iskander, voted 2016 Funniest Person in the World (Laugh Factory) and Asia’s Best Stand-up Comedian (Winner – Top 10 Asia Mag).

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Wood Work

Carpentry skills are being transfered to the Oramg Asli villagers. These skills will eventually allow the villagers to improve their self sufficiency and standard of living.

Training classes are held at Tapah and Ranau where trainers use their personal woodwork equipment to share their expertise during the training classes.

Kerwin Chong is one of the trainers who has devoted his personal time and equipment to share his expertise with the villagers.

Kerwin, who has been a carpentry enthusiast for over 10 years, runs UrbanWoods as his profession.

Read more about Kerwin in an article from The Star here.

His carpentry skills have enabled him to turn junk into works of art

The villagers are taught skills that have enabled them to produce useful wood based products like Decorative Dishes, Mats, Tabletop Utility Boxes and others.

Some examples can be seen here.

We are in need of Power Tools Equipment so that the villagers can begin their production. If you are able to help or have the skills and time , please do contact us.



Some people might find it a bit difficult to sacrifice some of their free time for our folks who stay in remote villages. The journey to the villages is often not comfortable and if you visit the village in Ranau, Sabah from the Peninsula Malaysia you will need to catch a flight across the South China Sea.

When you arrive near the village, you might need to catch a river boat ….

And then jungle trekking skills might be required!

And maybe you find mud everywhere …..

When you arrive, a lot of conveniences might not be available.

Food might be basic …..

But a lot of us have found happiness in these remote areas.

We feel blessed to be given the opportunity to share in the uncomplicated lifestyle and culture.

Sitting by the tranquil river and breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the atmosphere.

And taking in the sights which have immeasurable value ….

So Join Us in our next trip!